viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

[Sr Rubio] Guild Ball: Hunter Guild's set, unboxing

Hi to all! It's been for a while since the first time we tell to you about this new game that we are playing... I promise to you a review about the game, our feelings about it and this kind of stuff. But this review never was written...

Today's? Not, today's post is not about the game itself. It's about my team. The Old Guardians decided (in a very unilateral manner) that my blue gobbos are'nt good enough to play this game. That I need my own guild. And they gift me the fisherman guild, the one that I decided to be my team? No, of course. They decided that my guild will be the Hunter's Guild. The one that creates forest, that has woodmen and women as members. The one that I can play using only my Circle of Orboros army... The one I like, in fact. These little bastards knows me, at all. But I don't want to hear any word related to my "original choices" again... When I'm trying to be innovative, they gifted me with another army plenty of bearded men and hairy women...

Well, enough ranting at all. I'm here to show you what obtain when you open the box. And "unboxing", as british says...

Let's start the picture time!!

First at all, a picture of the box. And a first look of the inside.

Every model comes in a separate bag, with the pitfall, the cards and the ball without it. The cards are made of thick cardboard, thicker than the usuals suspects (Warmachine cards, I'm looking at you!).
Now, we will look at each model individually. Let's start with the captain, Theron. The Man with a big bow.
 Yeah, each arm comes separately. I only glued the arms in place. Maybe I will regret about this decision...
Now, take a look at the women. First, the savage Zarola.
Yes, she's stalking you. You are her prey, nothing more than fresh meat... Now I will have to show you a picture of Fahad, her black panther, but... mine comes without a leg. I have a three-leg cat :( I have to ask Steam Forged Games about this missed part, but for future games I will use a War Wolf from my Orboros army. Or maybe a panther that I have, but without the 40mm base. I'm not sure.

Next, my favourite character. Why? Because she is a redhead. Yeah, I fall in love with almost every redhead that I met. Is a problem that I have since I discover MJ Watson... I blame on you, John Romita!!
Returning to the unboxing... Egret, the redhead, in her silver magnificient!
This is another one that I don't expect to survive to her first game. Thanks to her tiny wrist, that makes almost impossible to pin it...Well, at least this will be easy to paint it. Zarola, with her tracking pose, will be a pain to paint it :P

Three reviewed, two to go. It's time to focus on the big men. And I will start with the very big man; I can use it as an ogre in another games and nobody will notice it. I'm talking about Hearne, the man with a stick. A big one, of course.

This was easy to assemble. Two gaps, and enough space at the body to glue the stick at it. I'm pretty sure that Hearne will be the last survivor, in this "Glue Games" that I have at home. ^^U

And last, but not least, Jaecar!! The father of Avatar, and another one in the kneel mood. Another one easy to assemble, thanks to his big muscles... *_*

And this is all. High quality model, without any noticeable flawless. The only problem is (like with Infinity) that we obtain tiny models, with tiny junctions, difficult to pin or to glue it. Not impossible, but difficult. I choice to not pin any of the models. I need them for Sunday games, so I am in a hurry to finish it. I hope that I don't regret my decission when I start to paint them or, worse, when I'm playing with them. Time will tell...

So, to finish, a picture of my guild fully assembled. Maybe in a few weeks I have them painted... :D

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